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Permanent cosmetics (or micro pigmentation) can be used to correct imperfections or to enhance your appearance. Women who have poor eyesight, have scars, are allergic to cosmetics, or struggle with coordination when applying their makeup would be great candidates for this procedure. 

The application of permanent makeup is a non-surgical treatment similar to a tattoo. Fine needles are used to inject a mineral based pigment into the skin. There is some discomfort, and you will require 4-7 days of healing time. A follow up visit is required 4 - 8 weeks later. The pigment’s color will fade over time, usually lasting from 1-4 years.

Eyebrows: Faint or thin eyebrows can be enhanced, creating a full, natural appearance. A pigment is selected to match your natural eyebrow hair color. Then, individual lines are hand-drawn to create balance and symmetry, resulting in a full 3D effect. Hair strokes are strategically placed to fill in areas with sparse hair, or even recreate the brow line where it is missing. The right arch shape can have a positive impact to brighten your eyes. Each eyebrow design is matched to your preferences to fit the personal style of each client.

Eyeliner: Not only is it inconvenient to deal with runny eyeliner, but it can be a challenge to maintain the right look throughout the day. Permanent eyeliner can be tattooed on the lash line, adding pigment that highlights the radiance and definition of the eyes.

Lipliner: A lipliner tattoo gives you the benefit of adding color to your lips without worrying about “lipstick bleed.” This service creates a natural lip line, so you don’t need to trace the outline of the lips with lipliner every day.

Full Lip: The full lip treatment gives you the benefit of kissing lipstick goodbye! Enjoy tinted lips that look great all day, even while you are eating.

Areola Tattoo: Looking for Areola Tattoo?  If you’ve had surgery for breast cancer, then areola tattoos can be used to recreate the appearance of the new breasts. After the reconstructed breast has healed, areola pigmentation can be added, including highlighting, shadowing, contouring, and feathering.

Scar Camouflage: The appearance of unsightly scars can be minimized using pigment to change the scar color, so it matches the surrounding skin. As a result, the scar is less noticeable, making it a great way to conceal scars on any part of the body.

Permanent Cosmetics FAQ's

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