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Microblading FAQ's

What is microblading?

Eyebrow microblading is known by several names, including microstroking, micropigmentation, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, and 3D eyebrows. Although the names differ, the procedure is the same. Microblading fills in sparse areas of your natural brow, which is done by using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The result is a natural, real life looking hair stroke.

Who is a good candidate for microblading?

Those with alopecia or damaged hair follicles as well as those with sparse or thinning brows. Even those with thicker eyebrows can benefit as well. It is a great alternative to having to ‘fill in’ brows daily.

Who is NOT a good candidate for microblading?

- Sick with cold, flu, or sinus/respiratory infection (please reschedule your appointment and stay home to recover)
- Skin irritations including: sunburn, rash, eczema, shingles, acne, or psoriasis near the treated area
- Pregnant or nursing
- Under age 18
- Skin irritations (sunburn, rash, eczema, shingles, acne) or psoriasis near the treated area
- Had Botox within 3 weeks from scheduled appointment
- Used Accutane in the past year
- Diabetes
- Epilepsy
- Undergoing chemo
- Prone to keloid scarring
- Pacemaker or major heart problems
- Had an organ transplant
- Viral infections and or diseases
- Transmittable blood disease, HIV or Hepatitis

How long does it last?

The healed results of microblading last between one and three years. The variation in time is determined by lifestyle, sun exposure and skin type. Someone with an oilier skin type tends to experience results that fade quicker compared to someone with a drier skin type. Therefore, touchups may be more frequent.

How often will I need a touchup?

How often you will need a touchup is based on several factors. Lifestyle, sun exposure, and skin type will greatly determine how long your microbladed brows will last. That is why a touch up is required within 30 to 60 days of your initial appointment. I highly recommend a touch up between 12-18 months to maintain the shape/color of your brows. Please note: Oilier skin types can experience pigment fading much quicker than dry skin types and may need to come in sooner than 12 months.

Do you offer consultations?


Is it painful?

Keeping in mind that pain is subjective, most clients say they experience no discomfort during microblading. Any pain that was experienced has been compared to the feeling of a light scratch with minimal discomfort.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

- No Botox treatments should be done 3 weeks prior or 4 weeks after procedure
- No chemical peels 60 days before or after procedure (brows will peel quicker due to chemicals traveling under the skin)
- No Retinols/Retin-A or other anti-aging/acne creams, or serums containing acids as these will fade brows prematurely
- Do not work out or sweat heavily the day of the procedure (Or 2 weeks after)
- Do not tan or have a sunburned face the day of the procedure
- Do not take aspirin, niacin, vitamin E, or ibuprofen 48 hours before procedure
- No waxing or tinting 3 days before procedure
- No alcohol or caffeine 24 hrs. before procedure

What is the microblading process like?


Microblading Process

There is never a rush during any part of the microblading process, so it’s important to know beforehand how long microblading takes for planning purposes. The average microblading appointment usually takes one and one-half hours from beginning to end. We make sure that you’re comfortable through every step of your eyebrow transformation. The steps we follow for a microblading appointment are listed below.
***Feel free to come to your microblading appointment with your full makeup on, especially your eyebrow makeup. It can be helpful to see your made-up brows for a color reference when choosing the right ink color for your brow transformation. Pictures - Microblading before and after pictures are a great way to see your brow transformation, so we snap a few quick pictures of your eyebrows before getting started, and then a few more after they’ve been microbladed. Consultation - We both must be on the same page in terms of eyebrow shape, and color, to give your brows the look you want, so there is heavy emphasis placed on understanding your expectations, and also helping you understand what results are possible through microblading. Brow Shaping - Shaping eyebrows correctly is the foundation to getting perfect eyebrows. Using what is called the golden ratio, your facial features, and some measuring, we draw the perfectly shaped eyebrows for your face directly on your skin for you to see. Approval - You take some time to examine your newly shaped eyebrows. We won’t move forward with anything until you are completely happy with your brow shape, and if that means some adjustments need to be made, then so be it. Microblading - All of the skills and mastery of technique come together to transform your eyebrows into a masterpiece. Using a microblade, ink is implanted into your skin by making microstrokes that resemble hair to give you the brows you’ve always dreamed of. Care Instructions - As you’re looking in the mirror obsessing over your new brows, you’ll be instructed on the microblading healing stages, and how to take care of your microbladed eyebrows. We supply you with a special aftercare cream to help your brows during the microblading healing process, and then schedule your touch-up appointment for 30 to 60 days later.
The microblading process is finished and you have fallen in love with your eyebrows. People will notice your brows, and whether they say it or not, you’ll be the reason behind their eyebrow-envy. Your brows will inspire them to take theirs to the next level, and that’s when your eyebrow transformation is truly complete.
***Please note skin cells turn over more frequently on oilier skin types causing the color to fade quicker than drier skin types. For oilier skin types more frequent touch ups may be required which are not included in the original price.

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